The Mega Light Wave Blaster

The Programmable Blaster - Unlimited

The Programable Blaster
Features of the most powerful Rife machine on the market.

Rife Technology Review - Cancer Treatment
Discussion of rife technology as an alternative cancer treatment.

Rife Machines Compared
A review of four rife machines currently on the market. Power output is compared for each rife machine.

Here is a summary chart measuring the different rife machines >>

Rife Machine Operation
Demonstration of Pacific Health Products Programmable Blaster. The most powerful Rife machine on the market.

Rife Technology - A New Hope
Discover the genius of Royal Rife and his discovery of eliminating diseases like cancer using electro magnetic frequencies. And like so many other simple natural therapies have been suppressed by the govt. and medical powers because of money, greed and power.

The Business of Medicine
Bryan Rosner

Rife Machines To Treat Lyme Disease
Where do you learn more about using rife technology for Lyme Disease? This video explains. Also offers amazing footage of Royal Raymond Rife in his laboratory in 1930.



Whenever I’m around cats, I could barely breathe. I picked up some over the counter allergy medicine thinking it will help. It worked for about a day. I needed something more permanent. Someone told me to try a Rife machine. After using it for 2 months, it did the trick. I no longer suffer around cats.

After running only a few sessions, the pain in my hands was gone. This Rife machine did the job without any side effects.

I work in the field and do a lot of lifting. Lifting manhole covers is part of the job. One day after work, I’ve noticed a sharp pain in my back. I could barely sit down. I connected the tens pad set to my Rife machine and stuck one to my back and the other one to my stomach. Ran the backache program and felt better almost instantly.

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer was a shock. I’m in my fourties and the thought of losing my hair through Chemo was unimaginable. My girlfriend told me about the Rife machine. It is a much better alternative than Chemo. I won’t loss my hair, and may even help treat my breast cancer. Best advice ever. The cancer stop spreading and I still have my hair.

My husband smoked 3 packs a day and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The Chemo treatment made me weak and wasn’t even effective. I did a few sessions with my Rife machine and I’ve noticed a change right away. My immune system is stronger and the cancer stop spreading.

Read Barry Lynes book, “The cancer cure that worked”. Picked up a Rife machine. I use it almost everyday. Wouldn’t  even consider Chemo after hearing all the horror stories about Chemo.

Asian people eat a lot of rice, and the sugar content of rice is quite high. I was diagnosed with diabetes. Ran a few sessions with the Rife machine and now my blood sugar level is back to normal.

The interferon treatment lasted only a few months. Someone told me about the Rife machine. Picked up some tens pad and a Rife machine. It did the trick.

Why pay over $1,000 for an Ionic detox system? This $300 machine is just as effective. Comes complete with 2 arrays. Good deal!!!

My doctor told me there was no cure for Lyme Disease. I’ve picked up Bryan Rosner book, “Lyme Disease and Rife machines” to prove my doctor wrong. I’ve picked up the Ionic Detox system and a Rife machine. Used both machines for about two months. Now I’m practically cured. Shows what doctors know. 

The Zapper outputs about 9 volts. Barely feel a tingle. The Energy Wellness and GB4000 outputs about 45 volts. The Blaster outputs about 70 volts. I’ve measured all of them with my multi-meter. The Blaster Rocks!!! I can feel the power throughout my whole body. Blast those parasites to death!!!

I’ve picked up an Energy Wellness Rife machine and a GB4000 Rife machine. I had to compare it to my F165 Rife machine. The Wellness ad. said you can custom program your own session. Found it very difficult. How are you to know what code is what frequency? The GB4000 is easier to custom program, but it is too bulky with the amp. to lug around. I need to treat others people other than myself. I ran the F-Scan2 on myself and custom program the session to my F165. It is much more effective than running one of those pre-programmed sessions. Thank you Pacific Health Products for bringing out the most powerful and affordable Rife machine.

I had some questions about programming the machine. It was 8:00 PM on a Saturday night. To my surprise, someone answered the phone and helped me with my problem. If it was another Rife machine seller, I would have waited until Monday morning. Now that is customer service.

The names of the respondents were purposely removed for privacy. Results may vary from person to person. Please consult your physician before using any electrotherapy equipment.





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